Factory Rebuilds

Continue getting ROI from your Hardinge equipment with Hardinge's Critical Components Factory Rebuild Program  

  • All rebuilds have a full 6 month warranty from date of shipment
  • Rebuilt and manufactured in the same facility by the same people as new machines
  • All rebuilds leave here "completely reconditioned"
  • Over 120 years of combined experience in the rebuilds listed below

Manual Lathe Headstock Rebuild
The Hardinge DV, DSM, HC and HLV
were the most famous manual lathes ever made by Hardinge.  Our headstock team has over 120 years of experience reconditioning and building new headstocks.  The headstock rebuild consists of replacing spindle, bearings, pulley, nut, front cap, gasket and collet key, as required.  To ensure the head goes out completely reconditioned, we grind the nose and collet seat.  This is one of our most common rebuilds! (Typical Turnaround - 7 working days based on available parts)


Hardinge T-42 Turret Rebuild
The original Hardinge T-42 machines were one of the best selling lathes ever made with thousands sold worldwide.  Many customers still enjoy these machines in their factory holding the same tolerances as the day they were first delivered.  Our turret rebuild program will have your turret functioning like new after we replace/repair the bearing seals, quad rings, gear box, couplings and more! (Typical Turnaround - 10 working days based on available parts)


HLV Manual Toolroom Lathe Tailstock Rebuild 
Another popular rebuild is the reconditioning of the HLV toolroom tailstock.  This repair is done right in our Elmira NY facility and consists of replacing the spindle, bearing, feed screw, nuts, key, spring and  handle. (Typical Turnaround - 7 working days based on available parts)


Hardinge CNC Collet Closer Rebuild
Hardinge rebuilds both our Hydraulic and Pneumatic collet closers to like new condition. Our team of experts will replace the O-Rings, Quad Rings, Seals & Pistons in to give you a collet closer that is ready to perform like new! (Typical Turnaround - 7 working days based on available parts)

Don't see the rebuild you are looking for? Request a quote by e-mailing or calling Hardinge's rebuild specialist at support@hardinge.com or 607-378-4229!