Spindle Tooling

Hardinge is the world’s largest manufacturer of spindle tooling. With over a century of experience, we are your trusted partner for all workholding applications. Hardinge collets are renowned for their accuracy and durability with the best total indicator reading (TIR) in the industry.

Rotary Table and Indexer Products

Hardinge has a large selection of rotary products for all ranges of production. Choose from precision single spindle, multi-spindle, and dual axis configurations; accuracy to ± 15 Arc-Sec, repeatability to ± 5 Arc-Sec, reliability, flexibility of workholding tooling, fast changeover and heavier axial and radial load capacity.

Custom Application Manufacturing

Hardinge workholding engineers have300 yearscombined workholding engineering experience. These hands (and intelligent minds) are ready to improve accuracies, reduce setup times, reduce costs, add flexibility to a machine, develop new workholding concepts and solve gripping problems.Before sinking hours into experimenting and creating a pile of scrap metal, the logical, fail-safe move would be to putyour frustrating gripping problems in the hands of experience, where the end result will be safe, accurate and reliable.

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